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 Round 6 Le Sarthe - Results

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TomTom ZS

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Round 6 Le Sarthe - Results Empty
PostSubject: Round 6 Le Sarthe - Results   Round 6 Le Sarthe - Results EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 6:49 pm

Only 3 of us ended up racing, so to the only other person who raced apart from myself and Scoz I awarded double points.

Results were;

1st - WizardOfScoz
2nd - FlyinMikey J
3rd - TomTom ZS

Shame NBR has died just as the comp was ending, kinda gutted that the 'following' for this comp died a few weeks ago but still - i've had a good laugh Smile
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Round 6 Le Sarthe - Results
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