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New Breed Racing League
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 Season Details

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PostSubject: Season Details   Season Details EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 10:15 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

-2011 Holden Commodore VE
R3 765
-2011 Ford Falcon
R3 765

Remove restrictors
Race brakes
Race transmission
Race driveline 

Fixed build but open tune, so tune away as much as you like! All I ask is that if possible, you help out others who aren't that good at tuning!
Cosmetic damage only. No assists forced on/off.

Race liveries must be used (your own personal designs, not stock paint jobs) and should display number board on both sides as well as on bonnet. No teams for this event, solo/privateer drivers only so feel free to use storefront vinyls etc.

•Indianapolis - Grand Prix circuit
Race 1: 12 laps no pit. Race 2: 22 laps (pit window laps 9-13)
•Road America 
Race 1: 8 laps no pit. Race  2: 14 laps (pit window laps 6-9)
•Sebring - Full 
Race 1: 8 laps no pit. Race 2: 14 laps (pit window laps 6-9)
•Sunset Peninsula Full
Race 1: 12 laps no pit. Race 2: 22 laps (pit window laps 9-13)
•Laguna Seca
Race 1: 12 laps no pit. Race 2: 22 laps (pit window laps 9-13)
•Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe
Endurance race - 12 laps (2 mandatory pit stops between 3-9)

1st: 50
2nd: 45
3rd: 40
4th: 38
5th: 36
6th: 34
7th: 32
8th: 30
9th: 28
10th: 26
11th: 24
12th: 22
13th: 20
14th: 18
15th: 16
16th: 14

-Collisions will be on for all races. Despite running only cosmetic damage normal racing 'etiquette' must be used. Appreciate close racing means a bit of rubbing but please try to avoid accidents! We will run a stewards system so if anyone feels they were forced off, if anyone unfairly gained a place ie by cutting corners, or anything similar then points may be deducted if an accident was avoidable.

Thanks for reading guys, can't wait to get started with these cars so hope to get some good numbers for some great racing!!
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Season Details
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